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Pacific Terminal Services Company, LLC

Providing a viable solution to terminal congestion, container termination, and container storage through industry-leading sustainable operating practices.
Optimizing Stevedoring Services And Prioritizing Safety

PTSC performs a wide range of stevedoring services on the West Coast including barge work and scrap metal. Our core team ensures that all cargo operations are carried out with the safety of the crew and protection of the cargo as highest priorities.

Promoting Dual-Transactions at Marine Terminals

Our export booking release service promotes greater dual transactions at Marine Terminals, due to decreases in single-transactions for empty terminations.

Increasing Marine Terminal Throughput

Promoting of terminal shuttling to other piers allows Marine Terminal Operators to generate greater TEU throughput through their existing footprint.

Reducing Terminal Congestion

Terminating empty containers with the ability to release them for export bookings resulting in less traffic at the Marine Terminals.

Expedited Receiving and Grounding

Our ease of receiving and grounding empty equipment allows for greater chassis availability.

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Our Services

Empty Return Location

Our empty return service allows steam ship lines to not only capture long-dwelling containers from the street, but to also expedite the release of equipment for export bookings.

Terminal Storage

Our industry-leading turn times and facility layout makes for an ideal location to swiftly shuttle discharged cargo that is nearing demurrage penalties.

Export Booking Release
Releasing equipment out of Pier S has reduced Marine Terminal congestion and increased Marine Terminal dual transactions.
Project Cargo
PTSC has the knowledge and experience in loading or discharging project cargo from barges and vessels.
Break Bulk
PTSC’s work scope also encompasses loading and discharging high and heavy cargo, ship to shore cranes and terminal equipment onto vessels and barges.
PTSC has the expertise and knowledge to handle and service a variety of bulk commodities on the West Coast. These products include cement, fly ash, scrap metal and iron ore.

Our Locations

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