Extensive Stevedoring Services

Pacific Terminal Services Company (PTSC) has 30+ years of stevedoring experience and performs a wide range of services all along the West Coast. Our core team ensures that all cargo operations are carried out with the safety of the crew and protection of the cargo as highest priorities.

Bulk Cargo

Scrap Metal

  • At ABC Recycling in Bellingham, WA, PTSC handles all types of scrap metal including HMS, PMS, and Shred. PTSC offloads barges and loads out vessels.
  • At SA Recycling Los Angeles, PTSC loads out various grades of scrap metal and discharges barges with offshore pilings.

Iron Ore
PTSC has a long-standing partnership with SA Recycling Long Beach at LB118 and offloads Iron Ore coming from Sweden and loads out Iron Ore heading to Asia.

At Mitsubishi Cement Corporation in Long Beach, PTSC discharges cement vessels as large as 44,000+ MT.

Break Bulk

  • PTSC has extensive experience in handling coils, pipes, rebar and other break bulk.
  • Recent discharges at LB118 include:
    • 8,000 MT steel pipe and coils
    • 5,327 MT steel pipe
  • PTSC has the capability to offload break bulk in Southern California, as well as at T-46 in Seattle, and in Tacoma.

Auto/ RoRo / High Heavy

PTSC works with Liberty Global Logistics, LLC. in Tacoma, WA to offload a wide range of RoRo, tracked vehicles and various high heavy, including autos and military vehicles.

Project Cargo

PTSC offloaded a vessel at LB118 with 6,000MT of oversized solar steel tubing, and has the capability of performing large project cargo offloads in Southern California and the Pacific Northwest.

Liberty King RoRo
TBC Passion

Near Dock Container Yard Services

Pacific Terminal Services Company is the premiere provider of near dock container yard services on the West Coast, constantly working to set the bar higher for service providers in the maritime and logistics industries. We deliver superior full-service container handling and storage solutions, including:

Empty Return Location
Our empty return service allows steamship lines to not only capture long-dwelling containers from the street, but to also expedite the release of equipment for export bookings.

Reduction In Turn Times
Our industry-leading turn times and facility layout makes for an ideal location to swiftly shuttle discharged cargo that is nearing demurrage penalties.

Export Booking Release
Releasing equipment out of Pier S has reduced Marine Terminal congestion and increased Marine Terminal dual transactions.

Terminal Shuttling
Our industry-leading turn times and facility layout makes for an ideal location to swiftly shuttle discharged cargo that is nearing demurrage penalties.

Inland Empire Pre-Pull
Many BCOs use Pier S as a strategic location to break their drayage leg. These BCOs shuttle high volumes of import cargo to Pier S for next day delivery. This drayage model promotes driver efficiencies and timely deliveries to DCs.

Export Staging
With the lack of available slots on vessels for export bookings, many BCOs have chosen Pier S as their safe haven while they wait for vessel availability.

Off Dock Yards
PTSC provides a solution to support the marine terminals, truckers and BCO’s by providing a full-service capability.

Reefer Services
In Long Beach, Seattle, and Oakland, PTSC has the ability to store live reefers along with pre tripping empties for export bookings.


  • High volume inter-terminal shuttling of laden and empty containers in and out of PTSC operated facilities.
  • Large motor carrier network capable of handling bonded, hazardous, over-weight (95,000 GVW), and refrigerated cargo.
  • Specializing in local delivers to Wilmington, San Pedro, Torrance, Carson, Long Beach and Compton California.

Container Handling

  • CY Facilities in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California and Seattle and Tacoma, Washington totaling over 270 acres of container storage space.
  • State of the art facilities equipped with RFI recognition, cameras detecting tractor license plate, container and chassis numbers, and EDI communication.

Chassis Leasing
Full-service chassis leasing solutions that include equipment interchange management, GPS tracking, maintenance & repair, and storage

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